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♥ Crêpes Crafted with Love ♥

Crêpes à GoGo - One address:    

750 Spadina (on Bloor) at the foot of the Miles Nadal JCC

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Chef Véronique's authentic Crêpes à GoGo boutique. It all started on Bedford Road in the Annex district of Toronto on a cold night of November 2001. A 200 square feet room with a lot of buzz and French flare and a limited menu of sweet and savoury combinations. Within the next six months, Crêpes à GoGo became the talk of the town, inspiring many newspaper and magazine articles including a full page in the Toronto Star and National Post.

A French café was born with the love, the care and know-how of a bubbly petite Parisian, with a strong personality, dedicated to serve the best. The logo says it all: Running Gogo (Chef Véronique's childhood nickname) delivers great fare quickly and with style.

Since Bedford, the crêperie has fed countless children, their parents and grandparents and celebrities, from the neighbourhood and from afar, all of them addicted to the delicious food and drawn by the infectious smile and joie de vivre that greets you when you step in.

Each crêpe is crafted with balance and ingredients of the highest quality, always fresh, never frozen. Come enjoy the show as the cooking is done on demand and right before your very eyes.

Don't be shy and come speak French with us for a full French immersion experience.  




(416) 519-7046




750 Spadina Avenue
on Bloor (S/W side) 
M5S 2J2



Closed Monday

Tuesday - Saturday 
8 am – 6 pm
9 am - 5 pm